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Debugging and Electronic Eavesdropping Detection


Polygraph Examiners and Lie Detection TestingElectronic Monitoring Detection, which is more commonly known as debugging, or sweeping for electronic bugs has become a very common request in today's modern society.  In a time and age when tiny hidden cameras and microphones can be purchased at most neighborhood electronic stores or from the Internet, protecting your privacy is becoming an increasing challenge.


Many of these hidden cameras and microphones can be hidden in ordinary looking household or office furniture.  They often cannot be detected even by close examination.  These devices can only be detected by a knowledgeable investigator utilizing state of the art electronic equipment.


IBRC utilizes this state of the art equipment to sweep for hard wired and wireless monitoring equipment in your home, office or vehicles.  These devices are then removed and stored as evidence for referral to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency or disposed of at the discretion of the client.


The cost for these electronic sweeps varies by each case and is determined by the type of sweep and the size of the area swept. Contact IBRC for a free consultation.



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