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Background Investigations and Pre-Employment Screening


Asset and Hidden Finances Investigations

A pre-employment background investigation can uncover information about your new hire before the person can become a liability to your company. The pre-employment investigation includes verification of the applicant’s name and social security number, driver’s license verification, employment and education verification, criminal history check, and to want/warrant check.


For a more extensive background check, IBRC can search for relatives, associates, confirm marital status, check for aliases, or false social security numbers, a statewide criminal and civil search, nationwide bankruptcy inquiry, and interviews with neighbors and/or co-workers.


Our background screening packages include:



If you are thinking of retaining a new employee, nanny, child or elder care provider, housekeeper or other individual, or considering a tenant for your rental property, contact IBRC for full details of our extensive background screening solutions.



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