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Background Investigations and Pre-Employment Screening


Pre-employment screening

A limited investigation into someone’s immediate personal and criminal history. This includes:


  • Name and Social Security Number Verification
  • Age and year of birth scan
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • Countywide search for criminal convictions (7 years)
  • Countywide search for Superior Court civil cases
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification




Comprehensive Background Investigation

A Background Investigation is a more thorough examination of someone’s personal history, criminal history, and professional background:


  • Includes everything in a Pre-Employment Screening; and:
  • Includes search for relatives, associates, and marital status
  • Includes fraud scan for aliases and false SSNs
  • Address history with dates of residency
  • Includes bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, evictions, tax liens, and many other indicators such as civil cases and divorces
  • Statewide felony conviction search
  • Local search for Municipal civil cases
  • Statewide Superior Court civil cases




Extensive Background Investigation

This is the most thorough of of all the Background Investigations and is usually reserved for a potential employee that may have access to corporate or trademark secrets, government confidential documents or in a position to make decisions that may have farreaching consequences.


  • Includes everything from the above packages; and:
  • Education, business and professional history
  • Military service
  • Source of income and business affiliations
  • Includes any information available through our confidential sources
  • Family background and marital history
  • Search for Federal criminal cases
  • Nationwide bankruptcies and tax liens
  • Includes interviews with direct and indirect references



If you are thinking of retaining a new employee, nanny, child or elder care provider, housekeeper or other individual, or considering a tenant for your rental property, contact IBRC for full details of our extensive background screening solutions.



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