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Investigations by Retired Cops, Detective Agencies, Burbank, CA


Specialized Services for Attorneys and Law Firms


Services for Attorneys and Law FirmsWe at IBRC are very aware and sensitive to the demands of the legal professional. Our agency has over 100 years of combined experience in law enforcement dealing with the judicial system. All our retired cops have either retired as detectives, or have worked many years of their career in an investigative assignments. Additionally the majority of IBRC Investigators are retired Los Angeles County District Attorney Investigators. The primary assignment as a District Attorney Investigator is to work hand in hand with attorneys. We know the stresses that come along with both civil and criminal trials.


IBRC Investigators are experienced experts at knowing what needs to be done.


We will review your case in depth and search for any weaknesses. After working side by side with prosecutors for many years we are aware of what evidence or testimony the prosecutor will rely upon when pursuing their case. We are experts at locating witnesses. We will re-interview witnesses that have already given a statement, and will locate and interview witnesses that may have been overlooked. REMEMBER: Locating a witness is only half the job, establishing a rapport with that witness and leaving them co-operative is essential. A pre-requisite to becoming an IBRC Investigator is that you are a "People Person". If you do not know how to treat people, you are not a good investigator. "When you work with IBRC Investigators, you will observe the professionalism"


We will work with the attorney from Arraignment until Jury Submission. We are experts at interview and interrogation. We will conduct the interviews while in custody or in the field. We will review the crime scene and review if the police reports are accurate or disputable. Photographs and video services will be provided if needed. We also guarantee the attorney will be continuously updated  and never left in the dark.


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