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Asset Searches - Hidden Funds and Property Investigations


Asset and Hidden Finances InvestigationsAsset searches are generally conducted for pre-litigation purposes, post-judgment collection, or in order to collect court ordered child support. For pre-litigation purposes, it is always beneficial to obtain asset information prior to the case going to court. If a judgment has already been made, chances are you will need assistance locating the defendant’s assets.




Stage One:


  • Includes name and Social Security number verification.
  • Includes real property search by name and address.
  • Includes D.M.V. search for vehicles owned.
  • Includes fictitious business (DBA’s), corporate president and agent for service searches,.Uniform Commercial Code filings, Superior civil court cases.


Stage Two:


  • Available in all states
  • Includes all stage one searches
  • Includes Social Security fraud scan for aliases, false Social Security numbers
  • Includes names of relatives Includes limited partnerships, statewide professional licenses, including aircraft, water craft and pilots licenses.
  • Includes statewide bankruptcies, judgements-with dates and amounts, evictions, foreclosures, tax liens and civil case filings.
  • Includes real property equity assessment, including all trust deeds and current market value (When available) Unique address history searches for asset related data.


Stage Three


  • Includes all Stage One and Two searches
  • Includes research for financial institution affiliations


Stage Four


  • Includes Stages One, Two and Three searches
  • Includes nationwide searches for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and statewide safety deposit box search


Stage Five


  • Includes all of the above searches
  • Includes search for offshore assets or nationwide assets.
  • Includes extended county searches, transferred properties, source of income, and hidden assets.
  • Also includes preliminary searches for assets held by spouses, family members, business associates, and AKA’s.


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